Anal Vomit / Ordo Caper - "Culto de los Venenos" Tape (incl. 2 pins)

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Black / Death/ Thrash Metal


Anal Vomit / Ordo Caper - "Culto de los Venenos" Tape (incl. 2 pins)

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SARCÓFAGO and VULCANO would be damn proud if they saw their glorious heritage being pursued like this: What has been started by those two idols of South American Death Metal is now being raised to another level by the Peruvian bastards of ANAL VOMIT and ORDO CAPER who are the figurehead of Costa Rican Death Metal – and by another level we mean deeper down into a worm-filled grave and thus into the deepest heart of hell reeking of sulphuric acid!

Shrill Metal like a shot that could only originate in South America meets raging battle commands and hate-fueled blasphemy. There’s no room for aesthetes or philosophers in here – only chaos, abhorrence and negativity rule! ANAL VOMIT and ORDO CAPER celebrate the true underground, full of passion, bile, blood and pus. No cowl will be stainless, we promise!

ANAL VOMIT present four new own compositions and ORDO CAPER fire two interpretations of the world’s downfall plus two more worshipping cover versions of GOATPENIS and GOATLORD. A logo button of both bands will be included! This pitch black tape is strictly limited to 100 rusty red cassettes with black print + two logo buttons. Get yours before the Vatican’s censorship bans it!

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