Ancestrum - Forleden (lim. digiCD)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel glossy digipak CD
  • Limited to 100 handnumbered copies

Founded in 2006 by Mortem as ASTERION in Frederikstad (Norway), the band was later renamed to ANCESTRUM while moving to Argentina. With already two full-length releases under the belt, ANCESTRUM gained a lot respect in the worldwide Black Metal underground with their epic, freezing ice cold, melodic pagan hymns. Special guest musician on Forleden is Svein Terje Solvang from Norwegian Pagan Black Metal band ULVHEDNER who is responsible for complete vocals, some lyrics and additional guitars. ANCESTRUM deliver the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming winter along the lines of great acts like WINDIR, KAMPFAR, early EINHERJER, ULVHEDNER, ISVIND and old HELHEIM.

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