Blakharaz / Funeral Procession / Manzanar / Tarnkappe - Fryslân (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202153
Katalog-Nr.: MV004
Format: 12"
Black Metal


  • High gloss jacket with 3mm spine
  • 2-sided pro-printed black-white glossy inlay on 250g paper
  • Paper inner-sleeve
  • 135g black vinyl
  • Limited to 222 copies

The idea to gather Black Metal-bands from Friesland on one release actually dates back to the turn of the millennium, but has finally been realised. Four songs by four Frisian bands on one Split-12" : BLAKHARAZ with a song in the veins of early Graveland, FUNERAL PROCESSION with one of their rawest and most primitive efforts, short-lived extremists MANZANAR with a song from a 1998 rehearsal and TARNKAPPE with a brandnew song comparable to early Enslaved.

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