Dav Dralleon - Fall Ov Men (12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203074
Format: 12"
Dark/Synth Wave


  • 350gsm full-colored jacket
  • White paper inner bags
  • 180g ultra clear with yellow blob and black splatter vinyl

Man corrupted by his infernal doctrine causes the massive extinction of life on earth, bringing irreversible consequences to the world.

War, barbarism, savagery becomes the daily life of peoples, only myths and beliefs once again become fundamental in the hearts of men, costing them a heavy sacrifice.

The malediction is devouring the Earth and this is the last revelation of mankind:

And I saw the angels of death falling down from heaven in a celestial fire, crashing to Earth like meteorites, slaughtering everything in their path, saying: This is the end of God's creation. We are the Alpha and the Omega, no human on Earth is worthy to exist. All thrones will be destroyed, all kings will be slaughtered, man will suffer for centuries, his carcass will rot in oceans of blood and his soul will fall into the depths of the Hades.

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