Golod - ... to be Lost and Forgotten, in Solitude (12"MLP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-van340v
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Katalog-Nr.: van340v
Black Metal


  • inside out jacket, black printed inside
  • black poly-innersleeves
  • plastic protection sleeve
  • 180g black (lim. 109) or white (lim. 215), handnumbered

Golod is a black metal project that was conceived in Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2019. Inspired by deep introspection as well as humanity’s dark history, the music aims to captivate, challenge, and comfort the listener. Golod’s debut MLP …to be Lost and Forgotten in Solitude is the first offering carefully crafted by its sole member, Holod (see also: Hussar.) The album celebrates the tempering of one’s soul through exposure to the adversities of life.

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