Gott - To Hell To Zion (gtf. 12'' MLP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203230
Katalog-Nr.: GOTT
Format: 12"
Hard Rock


  • Full-colored gatefold jacket
  • Poly-lined inner-sleeve
  • Black vinyl

To Hell To Zion encaptures the magnetism of birth and death and the wild dance of fireworx along the way. An audial template to shape melancholy into music that speaks from the hearts’ abyss, straight unto the limitless reach of the minds’ eye. Allowing its’ listeners to be present on an intimite journey through existentialistic realms and the magick it holds.


1. The Colour Empty

2. Venus in Mirage

3. Peyote’s Dance

4. The Chain*

* originally by FLEETWOOD MAC / featuring guest vocals by Pelle Åhmån (IN SOLITUDE) and piano by Gottfrid Åhmån (IN SOLITUDE)

F. Lemouchi - Vocals
T. van Geel - Guitar
T. van Laarhoven - Guitar
W. van der Voort - Guitar
D. van Beek - Guitar, Bass
J. Schmitz - Drums

Recorded by D. van Beek at The House of Doom
Mixed by D. Luiten
Preproduction by J. Bonis
Produced by J. Bonis & D. van Beek
Mastered by J. Bonis & D. Luiten

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