Heiinghund - Urdrs Bronn (digiCD, lim. 100)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel digipak
  • Strictly limited to 100 handnumbered copies
  • Printed guitar pick

Back in 1996 HEIINGHUND hailing from Tromsö, Norway recorded the legendary SORT VOKTER Folkloric Necro Metal (NORSE LEAGUE Productions) album together with ILDJARN and NIDHOGG. 21yrs later in 2017 HEIINGHUND started his second dark journey with his debut full-length Vargmaane and the follow-up Draugkvad in 2018, both released digital only. The newest output entitled Urðrs brønn is the first ever release by HEIINGHUND also available in a physical format, released by COLD NORTHERN BREZZE Records. The third chapter of this one-man project offers 19 songs of straight, grim and cold Norwegian Black Metal with an absolute freezing sound and dark atmosphere along the lines of his old brothers ILDJARN and NIDHOGG.

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