Klage - Dystopias Wiege (digiCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-201210
Katalog-Nr.: eter075
Black Metal


  • 4-panel digipak on uncoated rough stock
  • Limited and handnumbered edition
  • Original artwork
  • Corrected track list

Jählings naht ein Schrecknis an!

The first and only CD edition of KLAGE's debut album Dystopias Wiege (2006).

Even 15 years after its initial release this melancholic masterpiece not only remains immensely meaningful to us on a personal level, but also stood the test of time as a hardly rivaled spearhead on Germany's Depressive Black Metal territory. On a profound philosophical basis A. Nachtswehr here masterfully interweaves axioms that appear contradictive at first sight: repetitive and hallucinating soundscapes breathing lifeless beauty, harsh yet majestic, tormented yet epic, paralyzing yet inspirational - all this resulting in an experience so dark, desolate, raw and addictive.

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