Le Syndicat 1984 - Mars (Tape)

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Katalog-Nr.: aussaat002
Noise / Industrial


Available as standard tape version or limited tape version.

  • Limited to 150 standard copies
  • Limited edition consisting of 50 special copies including a booklet

30 years after the first release of the classical "Mars" album, Aussaat now presents a limited Redux Edition, completely restored and enhanced using the original master tapes.

"Mars" was recorded in 1984 by ZorÔn in the Noisecraft Workshop, Enghien, France.

But it is not before 1987 that it could come out as a cassette in very limited edition (100 copies) in an original box with the booklet "Schlagmusik".

This is an edition of 150 copies (including a subedition of 50 copies accompanied by the brand new booklet "Argument Total").

"Argument Total" present 32 pages of artwork by ZorÔn created in 2014 - 2016, continuing the series KMX started in the early 1980s.

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