Lebanon Hanover - Sci-Fi Sky (2x12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-200577
EAN: 0648275357445
Katalog-Nr.: fp031-2
Format: 12"
Dark Wave


  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Double vinyl available on
    • LP 1: splatter white and dark green vinyl
    • LP 2: dark green and white vinyl
    • LP 1: splatter white and purple vinyl
    • LP 2: purple and white vinyl
  • Download card
  • Limited to 1000 handnumbered copies

No other pairing in the history of Darkwave ever matched the unfettered creativity, resolve, and DIY attitude from the collaboration between the two creative minds that compromise Lebanon Hanover.

Spanning an epic journey across ten tracks that wander through industrial landscapes, and ascend beyond the atmospheric aether, Sci-Fi Sky is Lebanon Hanover's sixth studio album and most cohesive artistic statement to date. With their icy hearts on their sleeves, this is the culmination of a decade's worth of musical creativity radiating from the minds of both Iceglass and Maybelline, and altogether an otherworldly beacon of hope in a time of sheer darkness.

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