Millennial Visions - Anthology (fanzine)

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English written magazine


  • Glossy DIN A5 magazine
  • Limited to 77 handnumbered copies

If you’re a longtime reader of VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE you still might remember our staff writer Nhashi, who also used to be one of the main organizers of our 10th anniversary festival back in 2004. Before he joined us as a writer for a couple of years he also contributed to THE PURGATORY OF GRIEF zine, which was rather shortlived though. MILLENNIAL VISIONS "Anthology", the zine he just put out himself, compiles a couple of interviews that he did over the years and which were only available online or in the German language so far. The zine comes in A5 size format and is seperated in three sections. "Part I" covers his early years and features interviews with DAWN (March 1999), ENCOMIUM (August 1999) and MOONSORROW (April / May 2002). The first two were released online via THE PURGATORY OF GRIEF, while the MOONSORROW interview can still be found somewehere else on our website here. An ENSLAVED interview from August 2008 (which previously was only released in German) completes this section. "Part II" include interviews which Nhashi wanted to release in a zine of his own, which was supposed to be entitled MILLENNIAL VISIONS, but never really got off the ground… until now. So, both interviews with DER BLUTHARSCH (February / March 2003, 18 pages) and CARPE NOCTEM (September 2003) finally have their premiere in here now. The zine’s most impressive section though is "Part III", which is dedicated to German Black Metallers MIGHTIEST. The 25 pages (!!) long interview was conducted between April 2019 and May 2020, when the band was celebrating their 25th anniversary.

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