Nekrovault - Nachhut: Toward The Towering Tomb (12'' MLP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-349v
Katalog-Nr.: van349v
Format: 10"
Death Metal


  • inlay with lyrics and info
  • 180 gram grey marbled vinyl
  • black screenprint on both sides
  • Limited to 540 copies
  • Artwork by Misanthropic Art
  • This EP is the remnant of the Totenzug: Festering Peregrination

Message from the band:

The "Nachhut" vinyl arrived!
After some well known problems with the entire vinyl-business our EP "Nachhut: Toward the Towering Tomb" found the way.
Planned as 10" and finally yet as 12" with black screenprint on both sides.

Our deepest obeisance to Ván Records and Misanthropic-Art for creating this unique 12" vinyl version for us...despite all "Spinal Tap" moments!

!!! Every 12" EP includes the entire 10" layout and inlay additionally !!!

Receive our "Nachhut" and join our Totenzug! Ugh!

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