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Black Metal


  • Jewelcase MCD
  • Limited to 300 copies

Out of the dark the shadows of past rise…

Cold and atmospheric Black Metal carrying a nocturnal legacy of primordial blackness is what German NOCTIS AETERNAE deliver on their self-titled debut EP. No matter if raging passages of freezing soundscapes, feverish breaks and crushingly concise mid-tempo madness, sudden and sporadic outbreaks of heavily nostalgic keyboard tapestry – every musical element in these two lengthy and versatile songs is evidently subordinated to a greater vision, a gloomy and grim ambience, a lethal pact sworn with darkness and the mysterious beyond. Together with a beautifully fitting cover version of the legendary ZEMIAL(Sleeping Under Tartarus) this EP offers 21 minutes of which each second feels valuable and significant.

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