Noen Hater Oss - Bastarder (digiCD, lim. 100)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel digipak
  • Strictly limited to 100 copies

NOEN HATER OSS is a Black Metal band from Stavanger, Norway founded as a one man project, based on the ideas and visions of multi instrumentalist Raum. It later developed to a more serious project, recruiting Morloc, a long time friend and former bandmate from the long since dissolved cult band SJELFERD, to the fold as a vocalist. Bastarder is the band´s second full-length released digital only back in 2019. The musical genre in which they dwell can best be described as Black Metal, plain and simple with a strong traditional feeling. While it usually tends to gravitate towards the Old School 90´s style (SATYRICON Shadowthrone era), they still incorporate their own trademark and identity to their sound

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