Perdition Temple - Edict Of The Antichrist Elect (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203003
Katalog-Nr.: opLP238-1
Format: 12"
Black/Death Metal


  • 350g full-colored jacket flooded black inside
  • 220g full-colored and printed inner sleeve
  • Microtene inner bag
  • 140g marble - transparent red/black vinyl
  • Limited to 400 copies
  • Assembled in a PVC overbag

2021 re-issue.

Forged of the deathless spirit of the fallen black/death metal tyrants, ANGELCORPSE... PERDITION TEMPLE ascends as the inexorable spearhead of endless Antichrist victory!!!

Invincible...embraced in the war flames and iron splendor of this rising Holocaust Utopia, the debut album, Edict of the Antichrist Elect dictates the final condemnation of all structures of impotent, faith riddled degeneracy and the doom of their verminous thrall...

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