Planned releases for April

01.04.2021 13:56
UNFORTUNATELY we experience some delays here. Please allow us some time to get all on the road. We will need at least a week after release date to have it all on the way...
A short overview what to expect during April.
presale:  12th of April (evening CET)
release: 16th of April
  • Kwade Droes - Met onoprechte deelneming
  • Wolvennest - Ritual MMXX (vinyl is sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Urfaust - Compilation Of Intoxications (vinyl is sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Urfaust - Teufelsgeist (sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Chapel Of Disease - ...and as we have... (re-press)
  • Sweven - The Eternal Resonance (re-press)
presale: ca. 16th of April
release: 30th of April
  • Erzfeynd / Rraaumm 7"
  • Fyrnask - VII - Kenoma
  • Mortifero - The Death Ballads