Portae Obscuritas - "Lvx Astra Aeterna" 12" Vinyl

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Black Metal


Portae Obscuritas - "Lvx Astra Aeterna" 12" Vinyl

black vinyl

Vinyl version:
-350 grs jacket with 3mm spine.
-180 grs heavyweight 12" vinyl, packed inside a black poly-linned innerbag for extra protection.
-All copies comes with 59 x 59 cms poster.
-Artwork and layout by Åskväder / 109 Art.
-Mixed and mastered at Lamech Studios.
The vinyl version is strictly limited to 250 copies.

“Lvx Atra Aeterna” is the second full length from the Austrian black metal band Portae Obscuritas, out 3 years after their epic debut "Sapientia Occulta". It offers seven fierce tracks of dark, enchanting black metal. Hypnotic and ritualistic from start to finish!

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