Putrid / Grave Desecration - Satanic Union From The South (12'' LP)

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Item number: VAN-200420
EAN: 0662425101924
Catalogue-No.: dp115
Format: 12"
Black/Death Metal


Available on red or splattered vinyl.

  • 180g heavy vinyl
  • 300gsm cover
  • Inlcuding insert, black paperbag and DIN A2 poster

First of all, the Blackened death metal band Putrid, became in only mere 10 years of existence, one of the most prolific and constant bands in the local Peruvian scene. With a number of demos, splits and 2 full length albums they have been growing and maturing from playing some sort of Blackened Death/thrash metal into their current incarnation which is a very agile, consistent and forceful take of death metal influenced by the stamina of Angelcorpse, Abhorrence and the foul aggression of the veterans Slayer. Here, on this split album, they have continued with their onslaught already established by their previous album Antichrist Above. The outburst of violence presented as their side of this split could be taken as an appendix of that album.

As for the side of Grave Desecration, being formed more than 20 years ago and with a modest number of releases, they have shown that working at a slower pace may be more effective for their Virulent take of Black Death metal with reminiscences of Black Witchery, older Impaled Nazarene, Sarcofago and basically every minimalistic band focused on relentless sonic aggression. The three tracks recorded for this particular split album resume very well what they have doing for a number of years and what can be done without distancing from the basic pillars of Bestial Black War Metal.

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