Rexul - Erebus...Virtuosus...Alpha (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202846
Katalog-Nr.: FDA159LP
Format: 12"
Death Metal


  • Insert
  • 140g black vinyl (lim. to 300 copies)
  • 140g gold vinyl (lim. to 100 copies)
  • 140g red vinyl (lim. to 100 copies)
  • 140g white vinyl (lim. to 100 copies)
  • Download card

REXUL from Germany sounds fresh, authentic, catchy and brutal as fuck. REXUL is now presenting their debut album Erebus ... Virtuosus ... Alpha .... 13 anti-Christian, blasphemous , nasty and brutal tracks (including intros / outros) fired into your ear canals .

Pure, classic American styled, heavy Death Metal on a high level for fans of BRUTALITY, MORBID ANGEL or DEICIDE. Definitely a Death Metal highlight!!!

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