SVRM - Rozpad & Cherviv Maybutnya Zdobych (jewelCD)

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Black Metal


  • Jewelcase CD

This release combines the latest 2 eps by SVRM.

Because of the war in Ukraine, and the fact SVRM come from Charkiv and communcation got very complicated, the audio didn't get a new master. I didn't want to do a master without the band having the chance to approve it. So you can hear a difference in sound between the 2 eps (sides of the cassette/LP), see this as a testimony of terrible times.

Gladly the artwork got approved shortly before the band had to leave Charkiv.

For obvious reasons physical items will not be sold from the band's bandcamp page, but the band of course gets payment for the release, so if you want to support the band, get it here.

??????(tracks 1-7):

Recorded in August - November 2020.
Track 1 recorded in 2014.

S. - music, lyrics
Cronin - lyrics on track 7

All acoustic parts composed and performed by Cronin
Cover art by Isaak Brodsky


?????? ???????? ?????? (tracks 8-11):

Recorded in late 2021

S. - music, lyrics
Acoustic guitars on track 4 by Cronin

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