Seven Metal Inches (Softcover Book)

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English written book


  • A4 Softcover
  • 368 pages
  • 135gr paper
  • 1.7kg
  • Cover artwork by César Valladares

Three years after its initial release here comes the revised and extended version of SEVEN METAL INCHES telling the history of Picture 7"s in Extreme Metal. Starting with pioneers VENOM, this book explores each decade til this very day. It is both an encyclopedia with details about every Picture 7" output between 1983 and 2020 and magazine featuring in-depth interviews with the bands that have released those little beauties. With more than 70 interviews featuring ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, MAYHEM, WATAIN, DESASTER, NAPALM DEATH, NUNSLAUGHTER or MEMORIAM, this books reaches out to all collectors and vinyl maniacs out there. The revised version contains a complete layout makeover including a new cover, the addition of much more content compared to the 2017 version (more than 60 additional pages) and improved paper quality.

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