Skuggeheim - Ekko fraa Fortid-Fase Fem Av Fem (Tape)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202958
Katalog-Nr.: voice
Black Metal


  • 4-paged J-card with lyrics and impressions
  • Black tape
  • Silk screened patch (15cm x 8,5cm)

It is time to give this project the attention and farewell it deserves.

While we wait for no less than three LP's with fully remastered material, completing his works under this banner, we can finally offer you the last part of the Daudssyklus; Ekko frå Fortid.

Since the 7" EP format is a more or less defunct format in this day and age, we ended up releasing a limited cassette including the last patch of the series.

You can listen and download the material for free on the 2023 Terratur Possessions Compendium on Bandcamp at this location:

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