Strymer - Enraged In Utter Darkness (digiCD)

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Black Metal


You love your Black Metal well-produced, clean and polished, musically perfect with little arrangements? Then please stop reading here! "Enraged In Utter Darkness" by the young Telemark based Black Metal duo STRYMER is a fuckin nekro tribute to the demo era of the Second Wave of True Norwegian Black Metal of the early 90´s. Take the demo recordings of legendary bands like GORGOROTH, URGEHAL, TRELLDOM, CARPATHIAN FOREST and add some BEASTCRAFT to get nine tunes of filthy, primitive, raw, LoFi Norwegian Black Metal chaos. This album is a spit in the face of all Black Metal perfectionists.

Pro-replicated CD manufactured with a glasmaster (no CDr). Packed in a 6-panel glossy Digipack, sealed in shrink foil. Strictly limited to 300 copies including handnumbered and stamped CNB certificate.

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