Sulphur Aeon - Seven Crowns and Seven Seals (D/L set)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203974
Katalog-Nr.: van370dl
Death / Black Metal


"DOWNLOAD SET" without physical sound carrier (cd, vinyl, etc)

  • ca 20x20cm sized booklet with lyrics and impressions housed in a jacket
  • print of the album art
  • sticker
  • card with Bandcamp D/L code
  • limited to 300 handnumbered copies


venomous wormholes - no salvation
hostile transition into a sulphurous aeon!


Silence...then a moody guitar melody culminates in a faint whisper: “Sie sind hier...”. Vocalist M.'s brief utterance is German for “they are here” and of course refers to the Ancient Ones of Lovecraftian lore central to SULPHUR AEON's lyrical, conceptual, and visual cosmos. Those 'sombre tidings' are yet just a short prelude to the crushing, pitch black waves that will wash over you once the quintet swings the almost seven minutes long 'hammer from the howling void'. Marking their fourth record to date, and first in five years, the opening track to “seven crowns and seven seals” is a bold statement defining the group's approach and ambition. Just like Lovecraft invented a whole world of unspeakable creatures and supernatural horrors during the early 20th century, SULPHUR AEON, more than ever, dug deeper into their own artistic range, crafting an album of equal otherworldly beauty and impact.   

Filed under blackened death metal, and inspired by the likes of Morbid Angel, Dissection, Behemoth, Emperor, to name but a few, creative mastermind T. gradually transformed SULPHUR AEON from a duo project in 2010 to a much respected entity within the international metal circuit relying on quality releases first and foremost, and performing live selectively. Never shy of admitting their humble roots in the former industrial heart of Germany, T. and M., drummer D. - who joined the fold in 2011, and both guitarist A., and bassist S. who became members of the cult in 2018, have grown into an impressive, tight union poised to forge something unique and memorable.


we gaze aghast as the yearning abyss devours us
not dead but dreaming, disgorged into a sea of stars


SULPHUR AEON's newest opus is blessed with contrasts, an astonishing sonic ebb and flow. Expect a barrage of angular riffs and ferocious blast beats, refined layers of melodies, dense atmosphere and triumphantly chanted choruses. Expect ethereal acoustic guitars, subtle synths, tinges of goth ('the yearning abyss devours us'), lush leads, e-bow-parts, vigorous aggression ('arcane cambrian sorcery'), monumental heaviness shifting into hypnotic vocal patterns ('seven crowns and seven seals), and a grand finale ('beneath the ziqqurrats'). Transcending genres and always preserving a natural coherence, “seven crowns and seven seals” is swathing cinematic metal excellence perfectly captured and honed by long-term collaborators Simon Werner and Michael Zech (Secrets Of The Moon, Bølzer etc.) whereas mastering duties were handled by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress). In terms of artwork, this time around SULPHUR AEON broke with the tradition of working with Ola Larsson once again but teamed up with Italy's Paolo Girardi to depict a Lovecraftian apocalypse opposing the album's opulence and dynamics with a rawer style.


rejoice! devote yourself to the revenant ones.
sing! as the old ones end all life


SULPHUR AEON's “seven crowns and seven seals” is the manifest and at least for now, possibly the peak of a band obsessively creative, passionately and willingly challenging itself to produce music as timeless and original as H.P. Lovecraft's literary legacy. Cast yourself into the darkened waters and be swallowed by the ocean's tide...




  1. sombre tidings
  2. hammer from the howling void
  3. usurper of the earth and sea
  4. the yearning abyss devours us
  5. arcane cambrian sorcery
  6. seven crowns and seven seals
  7. beneath the ziqqurats



Music by T. except 'seven crowns and seven seals' summoned by T., Laurent Teubl and Michael Zech

Lyrics by M.

Synths and soundscapes by S.

Additional e-bow manifestations by Michael Zech

Produced, recorded and mixed by Michael Zech and Simon Werner

Recorded at Q7 Studios and Feire Records Studio (2022)

Production assistant Paula Klose

Mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio (2022)

Arcane coverart perversion by Paolo Girardi

Photography by Jörg Müller # Digital manipulation by M.

Illustrations, logo and layout by M.




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