The Curse - Come Forth (12" MLP)

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Format: 12"

Death Metal


  • Green vinyl version
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THE CURSE is the new band of Karl Envall, Nicklas Eriksson (both known from the great Kaamos), Fredrik Hernborg (Thyrfing) and Victor Parri (Valkyrja). THE CURSE play death metal. Fast, grim and merciless.

"A massive, transparent production, brutal drums and elegant changes between creeping and furiously battering songs will melt your death metal heart. 24 minutes of premium death metal, old school based without ever sounding antiquated!"
Stefan Franke / DEAF FOREVER

"Come Forth" comes as a single-sided 12" MLP, on 180 g vinyl and with lyric sheet. 400 copies are on black vinyl, 100 copies on dark green vinyl.

"Come Forth" tracklist:
1. Morbid Mass
2. Come Forth
3. Azazel
4. Of Darkness Born
5. INRI Stigma
6. Ancient Curses

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