Todessehnsucht/Longing For Death (When Death Metal Conquers Germany) book

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English written book


  • Din A4 Softcover
  • 408 full-colored pages
  • 135 g paper
  • english language
  • 1,7kg

Todessehnsucht/ Longing for Death describes the development of Death Metal in Germany in the period 1985-1992.

130 domestic and foreign protagonists tell their stories and memories about those early years and show us vast amounts of photos, flyers, posters, tickets, etc... From the first days of the band's foundation to rehearsal room experiences, first studio recordings and performances at single gigs and tours, Death Metal in Germany is reviewed retrospectively and in detail and finally gets its due consideration including an old school cover by Axel Hermann (Asphyx, Grave, Unleashed) in A4 format.

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