Warhammer - The Winter Of Our Discontent (12" LP) LAST COPIES!

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Artikelnummer: ELIXIR-009v
EAN: 4250936500983
Katalog-Nr.: elixirIX
Format: 12"


  • fullcolored jacket with black print inside
  • insert with lyrics and info
  • DinA2 poster
  • black poly-innersleeves
  • plastic protection sleeve
  • hype sticker
  • 180g black (lim. 100) or white (lim.400) vinyl

Crushing underground thrash/ death metal from German worshippers of the legendary Hellhammer. You will find nothing but old-school, rough and simple underground metal in its purest form. Album originally released in 1998 now is out on 500 vinyls, original sound & artwork, no remaster. For fans of Hellhammer, Delirium, Usurper, Celtic Frost, Venom.

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