Worm - Bluenothing (lim. 12'' MLP) Ván Exclusive

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203295
EAN: 810079500697
Katalog-Nr.: spin166
Format: 12"
Black/Death/Doom Metal


  • Full-colored jacket with silver hotfoil embossing
  • Insert
  • Poster
  • Black poly-lined inner-sleeve
  • Neon yellow inside royal blue vinyl (B6, Ván Records exclusive) lim.200
  • Plastic protection sleeve

After the massive breakthrough of Foreverglade in 2021, the Floridian swamp winds stir again as WORM conjures the nocturnal evocation of Bluenothing. A 4 track 26 minute mini album, Bluenothing is an ominous nightside lament demonstrating where the always-evolving fog dwellers have been and the distant domains where they may yet venture.

The A side of Bluenothing features two tracks from the mythic Foreverglade sessions that remained encased in the phantom crypts but are no less masterly than the latter’s ultimate six tracks. Indeed the title track Bluenothing was at one time to be the album closer on Foreverglade and all the crushing weight and mysterious allure that made that opus a new classic remains on these two tracks. Yet these tracks also have the added dimension of pure necromantic shred via new guitarist Wroth Septentrion (ATRAMENTUS, VOIDCEREMONY, CHTHE-ILIST, HULDER live).

The B Side reveals a different yet complimentary stylistic command, one alluded to in past incarnations and now fully actualized - that of the clandestine dimensions of Black Metal’s unfathomable darkness and shrouded mysteries. Invoking the Dragonmoon is a ritual gate opening into this obscure galaxy, while Shadowside Kingdom denotes the arrival to the remote twilight stronghold at the edge of blackness where Phantom Slaughter’s tyrannical celestial necromancy can flourish undisturbed by mortal disquiet and axe wielder Nihilistic Manifesto crafts a thousand spires of darkly cascading melodies. Simply one of the best symphonic Black Metal tracks since the style’s late 90’s apex.

And so with Bluenothing the Foreverglade era of WORM is ceremoniously put to an end and the next chapter in the fanatical saga opens…

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