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First I would like to thank you for your support and preorders. Thank you.

Because of various comments and messages it seems that there is an urge to explain again the situation here.

We are starting with shipping now, but please tolerate that we cannot ship in chronological order ... mostlikely its not that you are getting your order††later because of that. So treat†others the luck who†have it earlier than expected.†
Parts of the lavish has to be redone and this will lead to a few days delay. Each jacket of the vinyl editions will be glued, debossed, etc. by hand and so are the digipacks,††Lavish stuff anyway...†††our mailorder team is stellar, but not able to process all orders at once, especially when doing it with care.

Long†story short:
We expect to have all order shipped until mid next week.

Significant &†structural changes on our site†lead to delays in†processing your orders.
Feel free to write us if you have any questions or if you want to cancel your order.
Please, always state your name and ordernumber in the subject.
And, thanks a lot for your patience and support!

questions / cancellations?
=> mailorder@acherontic-arts.com

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