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28th - 30th (incl.), open again from the 1st of Dec

TEUFELSGEIST Boxset, Gin and vinyl is sold out from us,  -regarding the vinyl, please check back with other mailorders.

Please allow us up to a week or two  to dispatch your order...we are shipping everyday as many as possible, but it will take its time.

THANKS a lot for your interest in the Teufelsfaust release and we are very sorry about the server problems caused by the traffic. Unfortunately this was not in our hands and it is and was very frustrating for us and of course for many of you.
We are trying to find a solution, but each alternative is source for other complaints & inconveniences then...so, we are a bit clueless right now.

because of obvious problems and restrictions in logistic, production, infrastructure and general life caused by the virus and connected diseases, we mostlikely face some delays on everything.
The situation is unstable and changing every day, so please understand that we are not able to make any reliable estimations.
Thanks for understanding!

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