Accessory - Within Your Mind... (12"LP)

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Katalog-Nr.: tod006
Format: 12"
Death Metal


  • transparent red vinyl,
  • noble cover sleeve (thick cardboard and inside out print) and thick inlay (400gr.)


The debut album of the Hagen-based (Germany) death metal combo ACCESSORY was already able to stand out from the rest of the death metal monotony with its independence in early 1991, but still retained the brutality of this extreme genre. More than 30 years later, SEVEN METAL INCHES RECORDS/ TODESSEHNSUCHT RECORDS now releases the reissue of the much sought-after and hard to get LP "Within Your Mind" on limited transparent red vinyl . The sound was exclusively re-mastered by Tim Eiermann (Ex-Pyogenesis/ GUT) at Audiodrive Studio Sinsheim.

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