Anti/Mosaic - Landscapes (7" EP)

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Format: 7"

Black Metal


  • Black vinyl
  • 300g gatefold cover
  • Uncoated (matte) paper
  • Limited to 500 copies

Illustration by Pascal Hauer (worked for Lantlôs, Vargnatt and others). Concept and Post-Execution by Inkantator Koura.

MOSAIC is the solo-project of Inkantator Koura (Alchemyst, Seremoni).
He is supported by Wiedergaenger (Total Negation, Nachts, Auvandril) on Session-Drums and Stephan Löscher (mastermind behind FJOERGYN) who creates the interlude for the split track.

ANTI is a project of Anti (Ex-Darkestrah) on strings, A.Krieg (Eternity, Darkmoon Warriors) on vocals and Zahgurim (Ex-Bethlehem) on Drums - creating dismal black metal at its best.

Mosaic - Stellar Landscape 7.58min

Anti - Landscape in Minor (Re-Recorded 2012 with real drummer!) 6.24min

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