Antlers - Beneath.Below.Behold (gatefold 2LP)

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Format: 12"

Black Metal


Antlers - Beneath.Below.Behold (gatefold 2LP)

- gatefold cover with additional UV lacquer
- 12" booklet inkl. lyrics and impressions
- two sided Din A2 poster
- 180g clear-blue double-Vinyl 

Leipzig based ANTLERS’ second album turns out to be a 9 track bastard of blackened, melodic, introspective tunes and words that were not just played to be recorded, but bled, sweated and screamed on tape!

"Beneath. Below. Behold" is an atmospheric and emotional journey that drags you down into the abyss of the human being, full of cryptic messages and diverse collaborations. It gets you drowned into the void of loss, love and hate and at the same time brings you out of the deep black waters to the healing surface and above. Over 50 minutes playing time.

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