Avstand - Motstanderen (lim. digiCD)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel glossy digipak CD
  • Limited to 100 handnumbered copies

2022 re-issue.

AVSTAND started up as a solo project back in 2005 by Antiminister who wanted to express his way of thoughts and feelings in the purest form of anti-human and anti-religious Norwegian Black Metal possible. Motstanderen is an album full of negative atmosphere and dark ambience bringing the grim 90´s vibe over and over again. Sold out and originally released in 2010 by Vrangsinn CARPATHIAN FOREST on his own label Misantrof ANTIRecords in a limited edition Motstanderen became a real TNBM underground jewel over the past decade. Now it´s time to bring back this piece of negativity with a complete new artwork plus the 18 minutes long new track Nihilist - Call Of The Void.

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