Bone Gnawer - Primal Cuts (jewelCD)

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Death Metal


  • Jewelcase CD

Originally the project was founded in 2008 as a death metal horror project under the name REVOLTING together with Kam Lee (MASSACRE) & Rogga Johansson from (PAGANIZER), which was a pure "studio project". Only when Ronnie Bjornstrom (RIBSPREADER) and Morgan Lie from (NAGLFAR) joined the line-up, the project became a "real" band. In this context, the previous band name was dropped and a new formation under BONE GNAWER was decided.

Stylistically, it's brutal Swedish death metal of the old school mixed with other classic, old-school US/death metal influences as well as a touch of classic death thrash from the 80s. Catchy, cracking guitar riffs, grooving drum beats and catchy choruses.

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