Carnal Ghoul - Back From The Vault (lim. gtf. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202911
Katalog-Nr.: scr108LP
Format: 12"
Death Metal


  • 350gsm gatefold jacket flooded black inside
  • Lyric insert
  • Memorial card
  • 180g black vinyl (lim. to 200 handnumbered copies)
  • 180g white vinyl (lim. to 200 handnumbered copies)
  • Download card

A monument to singer Sven (also FLESHCRAWL), who sadly lost his battle with cancer.

The band decided to finish the already recorded album with some well-known names of the death metal scene, who all put their heart and soul into one song each and without hesitation ALL joined immediately.

This album is earthy, embodies Death Metal in its purest form, but at the same time is melancholic and full of power. The different singers provide a good portion of variety.

By buying the album you support the SAPV Ostalb, where Sven received incredible support until the end.

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