(DOLCH) - Nacht (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202550
EAN: 4250936533011
Katalog-Nr.: van330v
Format: 12"
Dark Ethereal Rock


  • Gatefold jacket with UV details and flooded black inside
  • housed in a die-cut slipcase made of black cartonstock
  • Din A2 poster, two-sided
  • logo artprint, 30x30 cm, silver / "glow in the dark color" on rough black paper.
  • 20p booklet, 30x30cm
  • Insert with d/l code for bandcamp
  • black poly-lined innersleeves
  • 180g silver vinyl (lim. to 309 copies)

...Into the night with your heart so bold...

artificial light is the heaven for the moth coming home...

This is the second chapter of the three cycle release FEUERNACHT and TOD from the (DOLCH) collective...

NACHT feels like a very personal and intimate art of communication of sound and word to us. It can be read as an interpretation of a journey through the night, an urban trip we experienced while writing and recording this album in Seattle, Los Angeles and Berlin some time ago.

It can also be read as a display of the state of the mind and soul, feeling like being covered up by a dark night, floating between the spheres of euphoria and depression, between love and fear, light and darkness.

We want to thank everyone who helped us doing this! This album is dedicated to every soul that once was lost... Thank you!

Produced by: Selling Horse and Michael Zech in Los Angeles, California and somewhere in Bavaria
Mastered by: V. Santura
Tracks: 12

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