Deströyer 666 - Call Of The Wild (12" MLP)

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Format: 12"

black thrash metal


Destroyer666 - Call Of The Wild (12" MLP)

- 1 press black or clear vinyl, choose your preferred color above

DESTRÖYER 666 continue to do what they are best at: kicking ass and hammering out heavy /thrash metal that is slamming straight into the face. No compromise, no sell out, no bullshit! The Australians fill the gap between albums with the hard-hitting EP 'Call of the Wild' that comes with a distinct taste of an unrepentantly classic flavour. Includes three fresh tracks and the revisited classic "Trialed by Fire”, which was first published on 'Terror Abraxas' (2003).

Side A:
Violence Is Golden / Stone By Stone

Side B:
Call Of The Wild / Trialed By Fire

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