Det Eviga Leendet - Reverence (digiCD)

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Black Metal


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From deep solitude, DET EVIGA LEENDET emerges again to conceive of a second record, Reverence, a work which acts more as an abject reflection of the time in which it was conceived than an embodiment of musical expression. Bleak and harsh, the approach further depicts total and infinite descent – one which we all experience, yet must endure alone.

In a time where all manner of charlatans gaze deeply into our eyes, haunting us, whittling away at our vertebrae to make us unfit to live - we look to the stars with a misty gaze, attempting to prophecy about how they are connected to us and our sick time. While we may grow to understand it better, knowing well the darkness that permeates only informs us of what lurks in the hearts of ourselves and others - it cannot cure it.

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