Dev-I-Ant - A Place Of Warmth And Tears (lim. Tape)

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  • Transparent tape
  • Limited to 50 copies
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A place of warmth and tears, as somber as it was birthed from chaos and turmoil. the wrap up of the trilogy completes progression of the wolf and the baring teeth.

Immerse yourself into the nightmare of DEV-I-ANT and enjoy. Hold hands and take a journey into loneliness and despair. we have all been there, we just put the soundtrack together to your terror. Welcome to a place of warmth and tears. Staying well clear of overplaying, the stripped down, almost raw musical adaption enhances the sheer dread of the stories told. creeping minimal atmospheres feign calm and peace, just to make the impact of found sounds more horrifying and almost painful at times. once you enter, you’re compelled to explore the cellar, witness the hanging and the burning.

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