Dim Nagel - Satanic Overdose (lim. digiMCD)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel glossy digipak CD
  • Limited to 100 handnumbered copies

2022 re-issue.

Well-known today under the banner of ENDEZZMA, the Honefoss Black Metal horde started under the monicker ISFAVNE back in 1993 and got later renamed to DIM NAGEL. Together with former KVIST guitar player Vergrimm, founding member Sorgar (also FLESH FOR BEAST Records) recorded 2 songs in 1994 for a never released EP with the help of Endre KVIST as session drummer. Those songs got published as Satanic overdose Demo-Tape including 3 rehearsal tunes (without vocals) recorded in 1995. All 5 songs are part of the re-release together with the only official existing pictures of the band.


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