Dream Unending - Song Of Salvation (lim. 12'' LP) Ván Exclusive

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203336
EAN: 810079500789
Katalog-Nr.: spin167
Format: 12"
Death/Doom Metal


  • Full-colored jacket
  • Insert
  • Special colored vinyl
  • Limited to 200 copies
  • Ván exclusive!

The 2021 DREAM UNENDING debut album Tide Turns Eternal was a marked shift in musical ambition for Derrick Vella (TOMB MOLD) and Justin DeTore (INNUMERABLE FORMS, SUMERLANDS). While structured with a foot firmly in Death / Doom, a far loftier purpose and progressivism was its hallmark, as such distancing itself from others pursuing the style. Now returning only a year later with the stunning Song of Salvation, that exploratory zeal is given substantially greater allowance to soar and shine.

Only a year on from Tide Turns Eternal DREAM UNENDING’s rapid evolution on the boundless panorama of Song of Salvation is, crucially and intrinsically, a continued departure from limiting genre norms and an adept redefining of them.

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