Duivel - Tirades uit de Hel (digiCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-200010
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Black Metal


  • digipack CD, inside-out print and printed on the inside as well
  • booklet with lyrics, info and impressions

After their first lash from the devil's tail that came out of nowhere, DUIVEL is now releasing their first full-blown attack upon this world. An audial vomit orchestra, straight from the mouth of Satan, "Tirades uit de Hel" brings you hateful black metal from the days of yore. Prepare to be scorched by purgatory fires and trampled by sulphuric hooves! There is no saviour, only demise! Pure uncompromising black metal hell from The Netherlands, this is a fresh nail in God's coffin. Oh, rejoice, vermin of the shadows!

1. Schim der Wreken
2. Offerande aan de Schimmen der Afgestorvenen
3. Het Zwarte Hart van Walging
4. Dolend Verteerd
5. Hond der Primaten
6. Sluimering van de Dood

Guitars - N (Urfaust, Botulistum, ex-Fluisterwoud)
Drums - D (D.R.E.P.)
Bass - P (Black Anvil)
Synth - K
Vocals track 1, track 3, track 5 - S (Galgeras, ex-Fluisterwoud)
Vocals track 2 - B (ex-Lugubrum)
Vocals track 4 - W (Urfaust, The Spirit Cabinet)
Vocals track 6 - V (Vaal, Ravenzang

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