Dysangelium - Thanatos Askesis (jewelCD)

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Black Metal


  • Jewelcase CD

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed Leviaxxis demo, released earlier this year, fast-rising German black metal Band DYSANGELIUM unleash their debut album, Thánatos Áskesis. As prefaced by Leviaxxis, the sound of Thánatos Áskesis can rightfully be described as tyrannical: swift and strategic, roiling and rumbling, surging and striking, DYSANGELIUM exude a startling confidence and authority beyond their young years as a band. The nine songs here righteously uphold the banner of orthodox black metal, but the Teutonic quintet work in a dazzling array of dynamics and nuance, especially in the unique, authoritative throat of vocalist Sektarist 0: it's literally the mouth of HELL, and his bandmates follow suit with incendiary performances and muscular execution. Even the song titles - among them, Gateways to Necromancy, I Am the Witness, I Am the Servant, and Words Like Flames - back up these Claims.

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