Eminenz - Diabolical Warfare (lim. digiCD)

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Black Metal


  • 4-panel digipak CD
  • 12 pages booklet
  • Limited to 999 copies

EMINEZ, founded in 1989, are one of the oldest Black Metal bands from Germany. Having reached underground cult status back in the 90s due to their demonic live shows full of blood, gore and fire breathing, and the infamous live gig 1990 in Annaberg-Buchholz in support of MAYHEM, the band remains to this day an institution in the German Black Metal scene, continually active for over three decades, with countless well attended and captivating live gigs and a very strong fan base especially in the local scene of Saxony.

A full decade after their last album Nemesis Noctura, during which the band remained active on stage but went through several line-up changes and did not record any new material, EMINEZ return with their much-anticipated 7th full length album Diabolical Warfare.

The new release features eight songs in the classic EMINENZ style with traditional Black and Death Metal riffing, atmospheric synth layers and interwoven melodic guitar leads, that will be sure to captivate old and new fans alike.

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