Eye of Solitude / Faal "s/t" CD (Digisleeve)

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Funeral /†Death Doom


Eye of Solitude / Faal "s/t" CD† (Digisleeve)

Two of Europe’s nextgen masters of everything dark and heavy unite for a monolithic piece of dark matter.

Alpha – Big Bang. EYE OF SOLITUDE’s aptly-titled contribution, “Obsequies”, start with Eastern Europe traditional funeral music to slowly transform into a slow, dark, yet as melodic as incredibly heavy musical missing link between the dark and fascinating sorrowful melodies of their brilliant third full-length, “Canto III” and their monolithic, psychotic, insane 2014 one-song (50 mns!) EP, “Dear Insanity” where everything melts into a black hole-like super massive intensity from which a few sparks of melodic shining light escape before dying forever. Crushing, heavy as a pachydermic wrecking ball and desperately dark: EYE OF SOLITUDE at its best!

Omega – Big Crunch. Van records recording artists, FAAL from the Netherlands, who toured in Europe with EYE OF SOLITUDE in June of 2014, also contribute a song, their first material unleashed since their 2012 latest and second full-length, “The Clouds Are Burning”/ Titlted “Shattered Hope”, the 13+ minutes song has a quite old-school Dark Doom / Death feel to it and is the perfect counterpoint to EYE OF SOLITUDE’s material by taking a different yet as dark, insane and twisted approach of hopeless psychotic despair and utter heaviness basing its work on light yet wicked and sick melodies building up to create an oppressive ambience that slowly transforms and explode into a climax of tension, intensity and terror.

Rare are the split releases able to combine two bands of the same stylistic family, yet with a very personal and strong identity, and create such a monolithic atmosphere where the two musical universes collide and create an alternative dimension where everything melt and end into such a desperate agony. This piece of hopeless art is definitely one of these few gems.

Comes as a “dark matter” three panels deluxe DigiSleeve CD with ultra-dark artwork based on the Sedlec ossuary pictures by French artist Animalerrant, matt lamination and “invisible” / “clear” UV spot texts for the darkest of packagings.

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