Frett - Nottwo (12'' LP)

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Format: 12"


  • Full-colored jacket
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the second solo album by maciej frett (job karma, wroclaw industrial festival), which is vocally supported by anna frett. after FRETT's 2020 debut the world as a hologram was warmly received by fans and critics, it's time for the next installment of the FRETT Project.

the album NOTTWO revolves around the theme of dualism, which seems to be the raison d'être of the being of man and the world. opposites define our way of perceiving the surrounding reality, or is it just an illusion? the artist seems to be asking...

NOTTWO is a continuation of the first heavily rhythmic album, but this time, frett gives many compositions a well crafted song structure. derived from the author's post-punk and industrial lineage, analog retro futuristic synth melodies, punctuated electronica and strong rhythms are working well, both on a dark dance floor and as perfect soundtrack for your daily Infusion.

mastered by eric van wonterghem at prodam.
photographs & artwork by stefan alt.

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