Funereal Presence - Achatius (12" LP)

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Format: 12"

Black Metal


To all lone wolves & leftovers outthere who still worship the long forgotten maxim:
-black metal shall be gruesome, ugly and cold-
this truly is for you!

Nearly 5 years after the release of the succesful “The Archer Takes Aim” debut, the new Funereal Presence album named „Achatius“ finally will be unleashed on february 15th, 2019.
A grand intonation of a grotesque vision of fey faith that exhales the spirit and the feeling of a long forgotten era.
Inspired by the harsh and cold sound of the early black metal movement, mixed with wild & violent riffing, „Achatius“ consists of 4 long songs that are able to turn back time and to spread magick again.
Funereal Presence ignores all fashion, trends & stereotypes but truly invokes an archaic beast with a new terrible face, sharp claws and insatiable hunger. To summarize, „Achatius“ is an elder vision of sound, performance, thematics & presentation the titan bands once had before the `market´ started to explode, and the ingenuity, idiosyncrasy and danger in the movement started to implode.

Bestial Devotion once said: „ I do the music that no one does for me anymore“. No more words needed.


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