Golgothan Remains - Perverse Offerings To The Void (jewelCD)

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Death Metal


  • Jewelcase CD

Re-issue with revised layout.

Spewn from a place of utter chaos and lightnesses, on their inaugural 2018 full-length offering Perverse Offerings to the Void Sydney-based Australian death metal harbingers GOLGOTHAN REMAINS impose a previously unseen new strain of dark death metal annihilation entirely their own, stitching together the timeless brutality of bands like INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, NECROVORE, and MORBID ANGEL on one side, and the transformative sonic bedlam of visionary bands like ULCERATE, DEAD CONGREGATION, and ADVERSARIAL on the other, to create a majestic extreme metal behemoth of unseen magnitude, completely unrestrained in its famished quest for complete ruin, and magnificent in its imposing display of pure darkness.

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