Grim - Therianthropy (lim. hardcover book 7'' EP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203753
Katalog-Nr.: ANT-ZEN ACT438
Format: 7"
Ambient / Electronica


  • 48 pages fineart hardcover book
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 200 copies

Therianthropy is the 2nd part of GRIM's book & 7" triology. An ep of 4 chapters, illustrated with a large collection of GRIM's infamous collage & cutup artwork.

The psychedelic mood and hypnotic dedication are the essence on Therianthropy. GRIM is simple purity in sound and noise: organic field recordings, electronic sounds, junk noise, heavy rhythms and distinctive vocals in its own unique mixture.

GRIM is the one-man pioneer of power electronics / noise music and has been around since the 1980s. In the early years, JUN aka GRIM formed WHITE HOSPITAL together with Tomasada Kuwahara in Japan. They released one album called Holocaust in 1984 before disbanding. Kuwuhara moved on to Vasilisk, while JUN released a number of solo records as GRIM.

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