Horna - Pimeyden Hehku (jewelCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-204015
Katalog-Nr.: W.T.C.105
Black Metal


  • Jewelcase CD

Whilst hibernating in their horrific hut, the heinous HORNA horde hatched four vulgar crimes against quivering humanity. Typically uncompromising, riddled with rank poison and smouldering with fetid contempt, these acidic remonstrations display historic HORNA at their foul, fetid, feverish, fuming pinnacle of misanthropy, spreading anti-philosophy like cancer upon the weak, infirm and holy. Hideous hymns and hellish hallucinations merge with an indifferent, defiant worldview. No sermons; no eulogies - just pure, raw, inglorious dirt-crusted Finnish filth. That sound you hear is the righteous fleeing for their lives… but nobody will survive this discriminate attack.

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